Christine Young

I am Brabourne born and bred, with 4 generations of my family still living here today. Both my husband and I attended Smeeth School and our two children Brabourne School. We have contributed over the years through clubs including Brabourne School PFA, Scouts & Guides, Smeeth & Brabourne Football Club and we continue to volunteer as and when we can around work commitments.

I have been a Brabourne Parish Councillor for about 15 years now. I was initially approached by one of the Councillors at the school gate. Although I have a strong connection with the village and preserving it, I am not the most outspoken person so was not sure I would be right for this role.

What I have learnt from my time as a Councillor is that we all bring something different to the table and it is this variety that makes our Council work well together.

We live in a lovely village; I am grateful for our beautiful surroundings and people. My ambition as a Councillor is to be open minded to change, whilst protecting our beautiful village as much as we can.