William Harbottle

William has lived in the parish for nearly 25 years and first became involved with the Parish Council a few years ago following a local planning issue. He began to attend Parish Council meetings and liked how the Parish Council worked for the benefit of local people. William continued to maintain an interest and when a vacancy arose in May 2019, he was elected onto the Parish Council.

William has chaired the Parish Council Planning Sub-Committee since May 2020 and says “I think one of the main roles of the Parish Council is to help protect the parish, something that is particularly true when it comes to planning. The parish has a beautiful landscape and character and I think it is important that we do what we can to ensure that both are retained for future generations. Change is inevitable and development is a key part of that.”

“Carried out properly, development can complement the surrounding area, preserve its character and be a good thing. Done poorly, it can have the opposite effect. In my opinion, our job is to do what we can to make sure that development within the parish has the right effect by supporting quality proposals and highlighting those which are substandard.”