Messy Church

July’s Messy Church was a lively afternoon of fun and games at the Scout Hut. We had our story and our usual crafts and Lego, however we spent a lot of time outside in the sunshine playing games and various other activities. Who would have guessed that a colourful parachute could cause such fun and laughter from children and adults alike! Our Treasure Hunt ended with prizes of bags of gold (chocolate) coins which echoed our story of the parable of Talents and the servants who multiplied the golden talents for their master. A game of football only stopped when the hot dogs arrived!

There will be no Messy Church in August and sadly, because of circumstances beyond our control, there will be no Messy Church in September. Messy Church will return on Saturday 5th October at 3pm. For further information please ring Kathleen MacPhee on 01303 812536.