Village caretaker

Our village caretaker, Paul Rodway, has taken over much of the work that has, up to now, been carried out for us by the Borough and County Councils.  This includes keeping footpaths clear, cutting the grass on verges, keeping pavements clear, cleaning street signs and much, much more!

Paul is working for the parishes of Brabourne, Brabourne, Brook and Mersham and will be dividing his time between the 4 parishes so won’t be in Brabourne every day.

If you see a job that needs doing, please let the Clerk know and she will pass it on to Paul (you can contact Sue from the Home Page of the website).  Please note that Paul can’t undertake private work.

The Borough and County Councils are giving the cluster the money which they would have spent on the work, and the Parish Council is confident that our village caretaker will be able to deliver the services (to use the jargon) to a higher standard and when needed, rather than having to adhere to a borough or county-dictated schedule.