Planning applications submitted to Ashford Borough Council for works in Brabourne Parish are circulated to a number of Consultees, one of which is Brabourne Parish Council.  After careful consideration, the Parish Council may submit comments on an application, although the decision (which will be ‘Permit’ of ‘Refuse’) is made by the Borough Council.

You are browsing Planning Applications for the year 2024

Case NumberRegistered DateStatusLocationProposal
PA/2024/105613 June 2024Coomb House, Pilgrims Way, Brabourne Downs, Brabourne, TN25 5LYTwo-storey replacement dwelling following demolition of existing dwelling and workshop.
PA/2024/104307 Jun 2024Bulltown House, Bulltown Lane, Brabourne, TN25 5NBProposed single storey rear extension, conversion of an existing integral store into habitable accommodation and changes to fenestration.
PA/2024/036924 Apr 2024Land Southwest of Water Farm, Southenay Lane, Brabourne, TN25 6AWErection of a new agricultural barn
NOT/2024/077119 Apr 2024Phr Farms, Bircholt Lane, Brabourne, TN25 5LDPrior Notification for an Agricultural Building
NOT/2024/077219 Apr 2024La Vale, Yard At, Manor Pound Lane, Brabourne, TN25 5LGPrior Notification for an Agricultural Storage Building
PA/2024/063908 Apr 2024Sundor, Plain Road, Brabourne, TN25 6QLSingle-storey side extension to create a garage.
PA/2024/042012 Mar 2024Kingsransom, Canterbury Road, Brabourne, TN25 6QPProposed garage conversion, front porch, single storey rear extension following demolition of existing conservatory, flat roof dormer changed to hip roof, changes to fenestration.
OTH/2024/043104 Mar 2024Chaucer Court, Hampton Lane, Brabourne, Ashford, Kent TN25 5PNDetails submitted pursuant to condition 5 (EPS Licence) of planning permission PA/2023/0692
NOT/2024/030413 Feb 202434 Prospect Way, Brabourne LeesNotification to reduce Birch tree covered by TPO under a 5 day notice due to risk of falling branches affected by rot
PA/2024/005809 Feb 2024Land South East of Court Lodge Barn, The Street, BrabourneThe excavation of a wildlife pond to promote the breeding opportunity for Great Crested Newt populations in the area, funded by Natural England District Level Licensing scheme.
PA/2024/005709 Feb 2024Court Lodge, The Street, BrabourneThe excavation of a Wildlife pond to promote the breeding of natural Great Crested Newt populations in the local area funded by Natural England Scheme District Level Licensing.
PA/2024/022008 Feb 2024Missingham Farm Buildings, Pilgrims Way, Brabourne, Ashford, Kent, TN25 5LUErection of a detached dwelling, outbuildings, parking and landscaping following the demolition of existing buildings
PA/2023/115105 Feb 2024Little Spinney, Annexe At, School Lane, Brabourne, TN25 5LQChange of use and alterations to existing garage/annex to form 2-bedroom dwelling
NOT/2024/020001 Feb 2024Ivy Cottage, Canterbury Road, Brabourne, TN25 5LLHolly tree, to remove to ground level and grind the stump. This tree is growing with a strong lean towards the house. This is located within a raised bed with a raised soil level. The tree has outgrown its planting bay and the roots are starting to dislodge the slabs and timber surrounding it.
NOT/2024/011022 Jan 2024Pemsey Field View, Lees Road, Brabourne, Ashford, TN25 6QBPrior Approval for conversion of commercial building to form a dwelling house.
OTH/2024/009117 Jan 2024Cobblestones, Lees Road, Brabourne, TN25 6RNT1 - Sycamore Tree - Overall crown reduction of 2.5m and crown lift 5m above ground level. There is a union between the stems at 2m from ground level, we are uncertain how strong this is, so reducing the tree reduces the overall pressure.
PA/2023/240405 Jan 2024Astra Music Studios Fairview Farm, Fiddling Lane, Brabourne, TN25 6APVariation of condition 4 (Living accommodation not permitted) & condition 5 (External lighting) of planning permission PA/2023/1147 for 'retrospective erection of a single storey outbuilding' ; to allow for temporary overnight accommodation and the use of down lighting