SpeedwatchBrabourne and Smeeth Speedwatch is a group of local volunteers who record the speed of passing vehicles at Kent Police approved sites throughout the area. We use a portable speed indicator device (SID) to measure the speed, at the same time taking note of the registration, make, colour and time of any vehicles exceeding the speed limit. Details of speeding vehicles are then sent electronically by the co-ordinator to Kent Police, who share the information with other police areas in the south east.

Whilst Speedwatch is an education based scheme and no drivers are prosecuted, fined or given penalty points as a direct result of any Speedwatch activity, Kent Police may, and do, send letters of advice to registered owners of vehicles who repeatedly speed and/or drive at more than 50% over the limit.

For safety reasons there must always be 2 people aged over 18 at the roadside, although we usually have 3. We now desperately need more volunteers who would be willing to give up the occasional 90 minutes to help out. There is a short, simple on-line test to be completed in the first instance. For further information please contact the local co-ordinator, Graham Snazelle on 07860 806783 or 01303 812939; or alternatively visit the Kent Police website www.kent.police.uk/speedwatch.