The outdoor gym on the Warren

The outdoor gym is on the Warren which is our  village green. It is open for use by all. There are seven pieces of equipment designed for use by all ages and for the disabled. Children using the equipment should be under adult supervision, to ensure their safety.

During the current Covid-19 pandemic all users are recommended to sanitise the equipment before and after use. The relevant Covid-19 notices have been attached to the instruction board. Brabourne Parish Council accepts no responsibility in this regard.

The Parish Council wishes to thank the Community Led Plan group for its efforts raising the funds for the gym and for donating it to the community. Congratulations to all involved!

Please use the outdoor gym – it is there for your pleasure and entertainment; and to help you keep fit and healthy! Come along and use it.

FootballThe Warren was gifted to Brabourne Parish Council by Ashford Borough Council in 2013. Once the transfer of ownership had taken place the Parish Council applied for the Warren to be designated as a Village Green. This means that it will always be a public open space and can never be built on or developed. It will remain an asset to the parish and the villagers of Brabourne and Smeeth.

The Warren is used on a near-daily basis by children of the parishes for informally playing football and other games. There is also a picnic table, benches and plenty of litter bins. A great place to enjoy exercise and community in the fresh air.